Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fashion: What To Put Around Your Neck When It's No Longer Scarf Weather

Necklaces! I know I love them, but when it's cold out we have to be careful what we wear alongside scarves. Well, in theory, scarf time is over. So here are a few options to try out.

(Full disclosure, the first three are being sold on Etsy by a friend of mine, but I have one of her necklaces and constantly get compliments on it.)

Bead Pendant, Hello Azalea, $24

Miniature Silver Wire Elephant, Hello Azalea, $16
Gold and Silver Chevron Bunting Necklace, Hello Azalea, $20

Alarm Clock Necklace (also available in gold), Forever 21, $1.80

Painted Cutout Bib Necklace, Forever 21, $7.80

Collar Necklace, Bubble Jewellery, $8.99

Swallows Bib Necklace, Firegarden, $5.99

Black Filigree Bib, Instead of Zzs, $16

Fabric Flower Necklace in Mustard Yellow, Chicken Scratch'd, $12

Disclaimer type thing: Because many of these are from Etsy, I do not guarantee the availability of the items or reliability of the shops; this is merely a collection of necklaces I saw and liked.

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