Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Fashion: Just the Right Amount of Skin

As the weather warms, we need to find nice clothes that are cool and comfortable. Now, I'm never ever going to tell you that how much skin you show is dictated by your body. You should not feel obligated to cover up or show off based on how fat or thin you are, the size of your chest, or any other reason. But sometimes we have to be dressed a little nicer, or even go to work, when it's warm. So here are a few cute pieces that show a little skin while still being pretty widely appropriate.

Disclaimer type thing: Always follow your employer's dress code.

The back on this is sheer, so it may be best for a summer party or date night as opposed to work, but it's so cute I had to include it.
Fallon Lace Top, Lucie Lu, $34

Jolie Top, B&Lu, $32

Polka Dot Tie Front Blouse, Forever 21, $19.80

Corrie Shrug (great for over a tank), B&Lu, $26
Floral and Lace Bow Top, Forever 21, $17.80

Jersey Keyhole Blouse, Old Navy, $24.94

Cowl Neck Top, Old Navy, $24.94

Lace Yoke Tee, Old Navy, $24.94

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