Monday, August 5, 2013

Creating Structure Where There is None

Something that is tricky about unemployment for me is the complete lack of structure or schedule. Sure, it's nice to be able to sleep in and do things at my own pace, but this also means it's easy for me to languish and spend all of my time doing absolutely nothing.

So I've decided to try something out. I'm going to set small daily goals for myself that will keep me motivated to do something beneficial. I'm not going to far as to try and schedule every aspect of my life, but I think having a few things to do will help me out.

I'm not going to use a planner, because I'm not scheduling exact times. I'll just list my goals in a notebook, like so:

 And when I complete them, I'll mark them off in a different color and add any notes I want, like this:

I may try to use this blog to keep myself honest and motivated, so bear with me. Or feel free to join in and set yourself some goals as well.

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