Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Fashion: A Late Summer's Eve

The past few days in New York have been pleasantly cool, so I'm crossing my fingers that we're getting into that really lovely part of the year that's just the right temperature. The part with enough sun in the day to still feel like summer, but with a breeze that makes it bearable and a hint of chill at night that requires a cardigan or light jacket. It's not quite fall, but the blistering heat of July has passed.

If that's where we are, then we need to dress for it. Summer clothes are great during the day, but you'll need something to cover up in the evening.

This skirt is a transition piece that can work bare-legged now, but still be great with tights come fall. {Target, $9.98}
Wear this over black leggings if there's a nip in the air. {Target, $24.99}
Wear a tank underneath so you can remove it if it gets warm. {Target, $24.99}
This biker jacket is denim, so it works well between seasons. {H&M, $49.95}
The color still screams summer, but it's easy to throw a cardi or jacket over this. {ModCloth, $59.99}
It's certainly not boot weather yet, but these low booties can span seasons. I dare you to try them with bare legs. {DSW, $59.95}

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