Saturday, August 3, 2013

How Not to Respond to Concerns on Social Media

When I heard that The Fest (a punk festival in Florida) added comedy, I went to see what the list of names was. Shockingly (read that with sarcasm), all but one of them sounded male. So I tweeted about it and got a response.

This is a prime example of how NOT to respond to someone when you're representing a brand. If you're a drunk misogynistic wang who just closed his Reddit window to open Twitter, maybe. But not a company that should be trying to create fans. As I then pointed out.

Seriously, alienating someone who is pointing out a flaw is not a good idea. Especially since that flaw is glaringly obvious. I've noticed it every year I've gone to Punk Rock Bowling, and in every festival line-up I've covered while writing for Dying Scene. It's always 99% male acts with one or two token women (if that).

It's a problem. Denying that, and doing so rudely, just makes you look awful.

And you know what? Even if I were wrong (I'm not, and I would admit it if I were), this wouldn't be the way to respond.

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