Monday, March 4, 2013

An Ode to Google Calendar

I mentioned last week that I am relatively terrible at maintaining physical organization (there are already things starting to pile up on that desk again). But I am good at organizing my assignments and appointments. I use both a physical day planner and Google Calendar to do so.

My normal week, before I add any school work in, looks like this:

My work schedule and classes are there, but nothing else. As I start to add in my readings and assignments, we get this:

I do my best to stick to the times allotted there, especially when I am at work (yes, I can do school stuff at work, because I am a graduate assistant).

Like I said, I also like to keep a hard calendar with me. I get a different level of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment by checking off assignments and crossing off days than I do with digital. Sure, with the number of changes and holdover readings it can get messy, but I like it:

Organization is really important with the amount of work doctoral students have. And this is how I do my best to keep up with that.

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