Tuesday, December 3, 2013

30 Days of Mental Health Awareness: Day 8

I'm taking part in the 30 Days of Mental Health Awareness Challenge. Every day I'll post in response to their prompts.

Day 8: What age you were diagnosed at?  At what age do you think your symptoms began? (You can make a timeline)

Officially, I was diagnosed in summer of 2005, which means I was 21. But I think I'd been feeling the symptoms for years. I remember a constant sense of anxiety my senior year of high school. A lot of us felt anxious during that time, since I was a senior from 2001-2001, and we all know what happened at the beginning of that particular school year. I also think I felt some of these symptoms in a fledgling form as a child. I was bullied a lot, which I believe was a big trigger for me, so I had a lot of negative thoughts and feelings at that time.

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